Urumarja Saunalaager is a developing complex, which we are gradually making more and more cozy and pleasant. We are located only 15 minutes of driving by car from Pärnu, in the naturally beautiful and quiet village of Urumarja. The territory of the sauna camp is spread over a 6-hectare, isolated plot, which borders the Tori-Pärnu road on the north side and the Kurina river on the south side.

On the banks of the river there is a forest grove, which is home to many different birds and where you can find wild berries and raspberries in the summer. In front of the forest, however, there is a wide field that allows the wind to move freely and gives space to stretch your legs.

Here you can enjoy complete privacy in the bosom of nature, away from city noise and responsibilities. Leave your phone at home and really pull the cord out of the wall to have a time for yourlelf. Hear birdsong and forest rustling and admire the starry night sky, without the light pollution of cities.

The sauna camp emphasizes sustainability and self-sufficiency. We have no mains electricity and mains water. There is a compost-dry toilet on the territory, we get water from the Kurina river bordering the plot, and the little electricity we need is provided by a tiny solar panel. For heating, we prefer the alder grown in our forest, and from time to time we plant more young trees so that there will be somewhere to get heating in the future as well.

The complex currently has a spacious, heated yurt, next to which is a nice, warm igloo sauna. There is also a hot tub between the sauna and the yurt, where you can relax in the warm water and cool off from the sauna steam.


The first sauna of our camp is an igloo sauna, the stages of which comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. One side of the steam room is made for pleasant lounging and is the best place for hot treatments. Before the massage, the sauna man works your muscles here with anger, and even a tall person can comfortably stretch out on the stage.
There is a separate washroom in the sauna, but there is no shower there – you can wash yourself using the bowl-cup method, just like in the old days at grandma’s house. We bring water from a nearby river. The sauna heater heats the water, so there is hot water in the sauna.
The sauna also has a separate dressing room with benches to catch your breath after the hot steam and chat with friends.


On the territory of the Urumarja Sauna camp, there is a spacious yurt, where the sauna man gives a massage or where you can simply lie on comfortable pillows and socialize with the company. There is a small fireplace in the yurt, which is heated during the cold season. The yurt is only a few steps away from the sauna, so you won’t catch a cold if you have to run from the yurt to the steam room and back, even on a cold winter day.

A hot tub or hot bog lake

The hot tub is located right next to the sauna and can accommodate up to 8 people. The hot tub is filled with water from the nearby Kurina River. The river originates from the Kõrsa bog and brings with it a mass of marsh sedges and healing power. This makes the water very skin-friendly and turns the whole procedure into a nice natural spa. Ideal relaxation after a strong massage.