Sauna experience in Urumarja Sauna camp

Come to sauna

Come and experience the power and might of sauna in Pärnumaa, in the village of Urumarja, at the brand new sauna camp. You can find the packages below.

In case of interest, please contact us or +372 53 433 666.

All packages include:

  • disposable slippers to make it more comfortable to move outdoors;
  • drinking water to restore the water balance of your body after active sweating;
  • healthy snacks.

You can also always bring your own drinks and snacks with you.


Sauna procedure „Temperate relief”

This is a particularly “VIP” sauna procedure, which – of course – starts in a proper, hot sauna, where the sauna man will pin out the biggest areas of concern. The sauna man tells a few stories about sauna customs and teaches tricks of whisking and steaming, which you can immediately test on your friends.

There will be breaks during which we’ll go to enjoy fresh air and water. After the break, we will continue on hot topics with a lot of steam and plenteous whisking. At this stage, sauna man takes clients one by one to the sauna stage, where the muscles are heated and whisk treatment applied.

When the body is already warm and soft, we move to the Yurt’s massage table or -mat to continue with deep-tissue massage where we knead and stretch all stubborn tensions and debilitating depression out of the body.

The result will definitely reduce the stress by several Mondays. Sauna man’s word of honor on this!

  • Time: 2 – 6 hours (depends on group size)
  • Number of participants: 2 to 5 persons
  • Price includes: Sauna therapy with a professional sauna man, whisking, massage, disposable slippers, water, healthy snack.

Massage without sauna

Massage is the best way to relieve tension, improve mood and relax sore muscles. Massage is often the best medicine against Stress – a number one enemy of health in today’s world. As a massage therapist, my task is to choose the most suitable techniques and find best angles of approach in cooperation with the client. We’ll find all of those “sweetspots” that cause problems.

If you can’t stand the heat and don’t want to go to the sauna, you can also just come in for a massage. In this case, we simply do not heat the sauna and hot tub.

  • Price: 35 € / 1 hour / 1 person


Sauna rituals and sauna evenings (without procedures)

Sauna rituals are intended either as a separate service (for couples or groups) or for sauna evenings, as an addition to the program.

The sauna ritual constitutes a proper sauna with a sauna man according to the traditions of indigenous Estonians. It includes sauna songs, sauna manas and ritualic activities.

A typical sauna ritual lasts from 1 to 3 hours, during which you alternately heat up in the steam room and cool down in the front room or outdoors – between steam sessions.

If ordered separately, as part of the sauna ritual, we also perform sauna-centered rites, intended for special occasions such as weddings or bachelor/bachelorette parties. Here a ritual activities play a central role. Such rituals can be, for example, whisking with a fox’s tail to bring good luck to the groom, chanting for good luck from a sauna spirit, or other anniversary-oriented or general ceremonies. Rituals are very customer-centric.

The sauna evening service is intended for larger groups. The content of the service is to fill the sauna evening with a program so that it does not turn into another, typical kegger.

In addition to the aforementioned sauna rituals, the sauna evening includes party games and sauna songs. We find out the client’s wishes and needs, set up a program and equip your sauna evening with a professional, articulate and sociable evening leader – sauna man, who gets the crowd going and conducts the event.

Upon agreement, it is also possible to invite sauna girls to the sauna evening, who will help with whisking and keep up the mood.

A nice hot tub can be also odered for an extra charge, in addition to the sauna where you can relax comfortably between steaming sessions.

  • Time: 2-4 hours
  • Number of participants: up to 10 persons
  • Price for two: 100 € (~2 hours)
  • Price for 3-5 persons: 160 € (~3 hours)
  • Price for 6-10 persons: 300 € (~4 hours)
  • Price includes: Sauna with a professional sauna man, disposable slippers, water, healthy snack.
  • Heated hot tub for extra price: 100 €.

NB! Sauna girls can be included in the event for an additional fee and by separate agreement!
NB! Sauna procedures can also be ordered in addition to the rituals. This is also by separate agreement and for an additional fee.

Sauna procedure “light steam”

This procedure is intended to be ordered as an add-on to a sauna ritual, a sauna evening or as a separate service for a group that wants to get an idea of ​​the benefits and might of a sauna procedure.

This is a personal sauna session with a sauna man. Little bit of heating up in a steam room and couple of hits with a sauna whisk, followed by some kneading of the shoulders in the Yurt. Afterwards, the body immediately feels nice and soft.

  • Time: 20 min / person
  • Number of participants: 1
  • Price: 12 € / person (offered only as an addition to a sauna evening, a sauna ritual or by separate arrangement for a group)