The sauna has coexisted with man for thousands of years. The story of the sauna reaches far beyond the borders of written records, into the once-daily life of long-forgotten tribes and people, which for us today has become just a big mess of riddles, guesses and opinions. We will probably never be able to find out how and where exactly the sauna culture started, and this perhaps gives the sauna its characteristic magical aura and veil of mystery, which each of us can experience while sitting next to the heater and looking at the glowing stones. From here begins a spiritual journey through a wonderful and strange world whose possibilities are endless, but in the depths of which many dangers are also hidden. In order to understand these possessions, which are more cognitive and perceptible than rationally decipherable, it is necessary to take a wise guide with you on the trip, which has always been the Saunaman. Together with the sauna man, the powerful combination of relaxing heat, purifying steam and a pleasant aroma becomes comprehensible to everyone and frees us from everyday worries and tensions as if by magic.

The Saunaman knows the power of sauna manas and helps to make the sauna a personal thing and a unique experience for everyone, where through the experience one learns about the history of the sauna and the secrets of its legends and rituals. A proper sauna visit can last several hours, during which there is a lot of sweating, chanting and chanting in the steam room, but there are also mandatory cooling breaks with bathing and showering. Those interested can also experience the combination of heat, steam and ancient Estonian massage, which is an extremely effective tool for relieving muscle tension and mitigating work stress.
The Saunaman knows and helps to find just the right sauna ritual to celebrate every life event and the right curse to expel every disease and evil spirit from the body. He is like the soul of the group, who helps to keep the collective on the right track and to make the most of the sauna evening so that its effect is far-reaching and positive.

Come to sauna

Come and try the services of a sauna man in Pärnu County, Urumarja village. I’m only here by appointment, so get in touch first.

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Do you have your own sauna?

If that’s the case and you want to organize a sauna evening with your friends in complete privacy, that’s also an option. I come where needed and take anger and good mood with me. If you don’t have your own sauna, I can also share recommendations. I cooperate with several saunas, including real smoke saunas, where the whole event will definitely have a completely different look.

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