Saunaman in your own sauna

Do you absolutely need to look great before an important event? Or do you want to quickly get back in shape after a long party? Maybe you want to give your loved ones a healthy and original gift instead?

If that’s the case, invite Saunaman over and all this is possible!

Your family’s sauna traditions, that’s my job…

Additional information & bookings:


  • We work with a group of family or friends who don’t have to travel anywhere themselves
  • You get a full service (proper sauna with steaming and, if desired, also a massage)
  • Tips on how to properly prepare the sauna, add steam, choose a good whisk and how to administer it
  • Necessary gimmicks (sauna broom, towels, aroma oils) are included in the price
  • Personal approach depending on the place, mood, time of day, person, your physical form and feeling

We guarantee

  • Confidentiality
  • High quality of service, cleanliness and hygiene
  • A personal approach
  • A unique and exclusive experience
  • Discounts for regular customers